Zdeněk Thoma & Michal Thoma

Zdeněk Thoma (1938), a Czech photographer, writer and traveller who lives and works in Prague.

Zdeněk Thoma has written three books based on his travels in Asia. His photographs have been included in many prestigious publications on oriental culture, including The Art of Japanese Gardens (the first edition was published in 1981, the most recent revised edition in 2004), China (1991), Ikebana and Bonsai (1992), Nepal – A Kingdom beneath the Himalayas (1996), A Japanese Mosaic (2002) and The Story of Tea (2002). He is also the co-author of The World of Tibetan Buddhism (1996) and The Art of Chinese Gardens (1998). He has also enjoyed success with his photographs of his own country, featured in the books Prague Yesterday and Today (1991), Czechia (2002) and Prague Gems (2004). Many of the books he has worked on have been published in English, French, German and Japanese.

His work also includes exhibitions. Collections of his photographs (The Charm of Japanese Gardens, Touches of the Himalayan Wind, Gardens of Tranquil Enticement, The Taste of Tea = The Taste of Zen, etc.) have been exhibited in over seventy galleries and museums in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Japan.

Zdeněk Thoma is a well-known lover of tea. His journeys have provided many photographs of the culture and philosophy associated with tea. Those photographs, and the knowledge acquired over the years, formed the basis for a book on the history of this unique beverage which he wrote with his wife Soña and son Michal. This large and lavishly illustrated book, The Story of Tea, was published in the Czech Republic in 2002 to great acclaim, and it won a literary award.

Michal Thoma (1979) has written and photographed for the last ten years. He is primarily interested in cultural anthropology. Many of his articles from his travels in Asia – Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, and Turkey – have been published in Czech journals. He is co-author of The Story of Tea and a number of articles on tea.