Bree Hutchins

Bree Hutchins is an Australian-based travel and food photographer, who has eaten her way across six continents, invited herself into countless kitchens and gathered recipes from across the globe.

A qualified lawyer, who ditched the legal profession for the uncertain path of freelance travel and food photography; Bree’s bold leap of faith has been rewarded at every turn. In 2013 she wrote and photographed her first book, Hidden Kitchens of Sri Lanka – sponsored by Dilmah and published by Murdoch Books. Combining photography with writing has given Bree the freedom to do projects that really interest her and pursue her life long passion for travelling and cooking.

Her vivid photographs are recognisable for their honest, human element and depth of emotion. Drawn strongly to the people behind the food, Bree has a unique ability to connect with her subjects and capture their character. For Bree food is a universal language that has connected her with people from diverse backgrounds, carved lifelong friendships and opened doors around the world.

When she is not traversing the globe, Bree can be found in her kitchen, creating fresh and healthy recipes inspired from her travels.