Edwin Batawala

There is something very mature and poignant about his paintings. The mood is always rural. Edwin Batawala, is one of our most respected and renowned artists. His immense artistic talent coupled with a discerning vision has earned him a unique place in the world of art. His life revolves around his passion for art, exhibitions, festivals and seminars on art.

Edwin was always fascinated by the beauty of rural life. His passion for rural life is reflected in all his paintings. In Edwin’s brush, rural and urban life crisscrosses and mixes in a spontaneous outburst of forms and colours.

Even as a young man Edwin Batawala’s extraordinary artistic talent was apparent. Edwin received a solid foundation in art and design at the College of Fine Arts where he studied for three years.

At first glace all one can see in his drawings are mere pictures, but with a little patience and discernment on the part of the viewers, they would enjoy his exquisite paintings, their colours, lines, shapes and shades; the tone, mood and time all in perfect harmony. Edwin was determined to give him so much love and respect.